Celebrating your life... Your story.

Commemorative & Gift Books

We produce specialty and gift books such as Personal & Family Histories, Heirloom Cookbooks, Bride & Groom Cookbooks, and Commemorative Books and Yearbooks for schools, scouts, and community groups. Our passion is to celebrate lives through storytelling. We specialize in producing titles that honor the achievements of individuals and groups. We’ll assist you with the writing, design, and production of your unique book.


We publish cookbooks that honor people who make a difference in the community.

We are accepting nominees to be honored in one of our upcoming cookbooks. If you run an organization, or know of someone whom you feel deserves this recognition, send us their name and we will follow up. Recipients must be a 501 (c) non-profit and have been active for a minimum of five years.

Editorial Services

Writing & Editing for Authors

We offer writing, editing, and design, as well as, marketing and PR services for authors. That means we’ll help you get the word out; we’ll promote your book, and even assist you in planning and coordinating book related events, such as book signings and parties.


Sometimes you know what you want to say, but you don’t know HOW to say it. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you tell your story and send a clear and concise message to your potential buyers. We’ll help you differentiate your business and offerings so that you become the obvious choice to the customers you’re targeting. Whatever you need to say, we’ll help you tell it in a way that sells.

Design Services

We primarily focus on book related projects, newsletters, and flyers in addition to any of the copy projects listed above. Contact us for a project quote if you don’t see your project listed. hello@arabellepublishing.com

PR and Marketing

Let us write your bio.

We have written hundreds of bios and understand how to differentiate and align your achievements to position you for the recognition you deserve. We write bios primarily for authors and business professionals, but also for community groups and corporate history pages. Your bio will provide the reader with a short overview of your background, summed up in one page, and much less for social media.

Why do you need a bio?

A bio is an effective marketing tool that you’ll include in your book, website, and other promotional material you may use to introduce yourself to buyers. We’ll provide you with a long and short version, which you can use for blogging and other purposes. A bio may be the only way people can get to know you. A bio sells your book and lets the reader know if they’ll be able to relate you on a personal level.


Your Linked-In profile is an enhanced bio that includes a Summary of your career highlights, but also your Professional Career Overview, Work Specialties and Experience, Honors and Awards, and other information similar to what you may include on a resume.

Personal History Workshops

Memories are easily forgotten. But what if you could relive them over and over again?

You can when you document milestones and special moments of your life. Our Personal History Workshops make it EASY! We’ll guide.you every step of the way to help you document your life journey. No writing experience needed. We’ll provide memory triggers and help you organize your information to assist you in preparing your manuscript. And if you decide to take the next step and publish your story, we’ll help you create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind heirloom keepsake.

New classes forming… Register Today!

Limited seating. Reserve your spot early! Classes held on your site our ours. Private consultations also available. Learn more: hello@arabellepublishing.com