Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.  Hebrews 11:1 (NLT)

We depend on faith to get us through every single day. We have faith that when we get in a car, it will get us where we need to go. We have faith that the sun will come up every morning and set every evening. We are absolutely sure of these things because they are visible. However, true faith relies on the unseen. It is the foundation of Christian life. It is the combination of believing that the God of the Universe who set this world in motion sent His beloved Son to die a martyr’s death on the cross and committing your life to the Lord and His work. This is the reality of what we hope for. Belief plus action equals faith.

The world will tell you that faith is a belief that has no proof. Yet, the evidence of the work of the unseen is all around us. It is in the cry of the newborn baby. It is in the bright colors of the sunset that can never really be captured in a picture. It is in the reconciliation between two people who allowed years to come between them. It is the forgiveness from a merciful God to a people who had deserted Him.

Esther (a Jewish queen in Persia) was a woman of faith. Even though God’s name is not mentioned in the entire book, it is probably one of the best examples. She reigned during a dangerous time for the Jews, yet she delivered her people from the hands of a bitter man and shone as a beacon of courage. Her faith demonstrated belief in a gracious God and commitment to His work even though the Jews were in the midst of captivity. What about you? Are you placing your faith in the seen or unseen? Only intentional time with the Lord, prayer, and devotion can grow your faith into something that shines like Queen Esther.

Dear God,

You, Oh Lord, are the truth. You are the unseen, yet there are so many visible reminders of your love, grace, and mercy all around me. May I continuously see the evidence of your hands at work in my life. You are my hope. Amen

GUEST POST by Heather Lynn. Heather Lynn is a pastor’s wife, teacher, mother, and writer. She enjoys discipling other women and helping them study God’s Word through her writing.

Twitter: @brokenremnant1