I woke up a few days ago in a great mood. I was well-rested and excited about the day until I checked my email. The job I was waiting to hear from went with another candidate. I was counting on that job. It was the perfect answer to my prayers. Now, what was I supposed to do? God responded by directing me to 1 Samuel 6 vs. 12.

After defeating Israel in battle, The Philistines captured the Ark of the Covenant. What happened after The Ark was taken to the Philistine city of Ashdod then Ekron is remarkable. The Lord’s hand was heavy against them, in the form of plague and destruction. The Philistines decided to send The Ark back to Israel. In considering how to return the Ark, they tested God to be sure that it was His hand that came against them and not a coincidence. If the cart containing The Ark went to Israel, they would know all that happened was God’s judgment; however, if it didn’t, they would count it as chance. 

So, they hitched the cart to two cows that had never been yoked and had recently given birth. Under those circumstances, the cows should not have moved; if they did, it should have been in the direction of their calves. However, God led them directly into Israel. After reading this, I understood. If God can guide cows to His desired destination, He can lead me too. 

When all the doors seem closed, and all you’re hearing is ‘no,’ remember God knows the way and how to get you there, trust Him to direct your paths. The opposition didn’t stop God from leading the cows, and your circumstances can’t overpower God either.      

Guest Post: Cassandre Brissot is the author of the debut novel, Six Years and a Quarter Way Through. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Television and Radio Production at the City University of New York Brooklyn College. She then worked as a television production assistant until becoming a flight attendant in 2014, the same year she was crowned Miss Black New York USA. Cassandre has purposed to help young people women, especially to develop and affirm a personal relationship with Christ through the written word. When Cassandre’s not working on a set or her sophomore novel, she’s writing for her blog, mystoryHisway.com.